• Ariel Lanique

Thrones and Crowns: Part II

Hey, Lions!

In the last post we talked about what it means for Jesus, to have proper representation. Not just in what people see on the outside of His Church, but it's also about the work we do on the inside of ourselves as individuals and as a community.

Today let's talk about the crux of this whole representation matter. As lion-like people, those who are called to be brave, bold and courageous; it is completely within our realm of responsibility to fight and war with those things and entities that oppose the Kingdom of God. Herein lies a very specific warfare strategy that in this time is what's needed and what's being done. I like to simply call this, Dethrone to Enthrone.

Dethrone- the unseating of power, to unmake, bring down, uncrown, the removal of power and prominence

In this specific time in the world, where fear is trying to establish and solidify its seat in regions and whole countries, isn't it amazing to see the battle between light and darkness? As much as this virus has been in existence, the promotion and instigation of fear has been pushed even more so. The interesting thing is the creative responses all over the world is a combatant to this fear. Those who aren't a part of the Church may not be able to perceive clearly what's taking place in the spiritual realm, but for those of us who do; we see and we hear a shift. God can use anyone in his plan to make room for him, he moves upon the hearts of men all the time to show his character.

This leads me to ...

Enthrone- to seat in a place associated with a position of authority or influence, to assign supreme virtue or value, to exalt

I believe this is what we're seeing now. Despite the fear we see, there are people that are fighting against the spirit of fear, and out of this bravery they are creating. When backs are pushed against the wall in fear and despair, a soul can do two things; fold under the weight of it or allow what's inside of them to speak a different word. This is the breeding ground for the hearts of men to become pliable in the hands of God. This is where a stage is set and a throne is established.

As the Body of Christ, it is our birthright and responsibility to be seated in our proper places in Christ so that Jesus, the Christ, can be seated in the earth. Can you picture it, see each and every individual in their proper place, seated in heavenly places in Christ. Now see, as all those seated individuals worship and exalt the King in one accord, so much so that in unison the whole body of Christ begins to sit in his seat. Now he's already seated in heaven with the Father, but we need his throne here on the earth.

I promise you that all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord! If we all do the things that the Father has planted in our hearts individually, collectively when we come together in unity then we will find that those things created, cultivated, and perfected in our secret times will form a mighty weapon in the hands of our God.

Galatians 6:7 "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." We are going to reap everything that we have sowed in word and deed for our next season. So be encouraged if you have succumbed to fear and panic; don't worry God has grace for you to turn and run into his safety. Trust God and not the enemy. All Satan wants is your heart and mind so you can't reproduce in this season. God wants our hearts and minds so we can not only reproduce, but he can collaborate with us and create something that will last!

Let's be seated, so the King can be seated!


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