• Ariel Lanique

A Lion's Moments: Epi. 3- The Authentic Ones, Part II


I am so excited to share with you A Lion's Moments: Episode 3! This is actually Part II to last episodes 'The Authentic Ones'.

Two of the most important themes you will see here are purpose and authenticity. I pray more than anything that this episode would help push you forward in what exactly God has called you to be in this season!

I pray you watch this episode and you leave knowing that without you stepping into your time, place, and space; someone will miss something they desperately need from you.

I hope you know that no one can do what you can do, the way you do it.

There is only one you.

Your life is a WHOLEMEAL, especially prepared by God and when you show up as your authentic self, you feed people a feast that will energize them for their journeys.

So let the people eat!

BE BRAVE. Show Up, Lions!

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